AC 3 PH. DOUBLE SPEED MOTOR     Double speed 3 Phase Electric Motors are ex stock at Beekay Industries. Two speed electric motors by their application reduce energy usage by giving the user the lower speed and hence lower power option, more closely matching actual demand. The constant torque two speed motor is best suited to crane and machine tool applications.

Why Two Speed Motor against Frequency Inverte?

     The sophisticated frequency inverter can be over kill for many applications partially in simple applications such as fan and pump duties. If all that is required is HIGH and LOW output the two speed electric motor are:

Generally cost less than Frequency Inverters
Very Simple
Easily installed and commissioned.

AC 3 PH. DOUBLE SPEED MOTOR are available:

  • From range 0.125HP to 200HP

  • From range 700 to 3000 RPM

  • With all Mounting Types like

Foot mounted type

Flange Mounted type

Foot cum Flange Mounted

Face Mounted type

Custom Ordered Mounting type